Sunday, 14 April 2013

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How To Obtain All New Desert Dunes Ingredients

The Desert Dunes Week has arrived in The Sims Social and another three new Ingredients have been thrown into the mix of Ingredients that can be obtained, collected and gathered in The Sims Social online Facebook game. These new Ingredients include:

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Build Myr'ahj Peacock Bed

Ancient Sands
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Investigate Desert Devils

Jewel of the Dunes
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Build Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis
Desert Devil

Here is a list of all the Ingredients that you will have the chance to obtain by working on the Project/Skills Items Myr'ahj Peacock Bed and Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis:

Garden Toolkit,Nails, Hammer, Screw, Watering Cans, Trowel, Entertainment, Jewel of the Dunes, Luxury, Ancient Sands, Duster,Elbow Grease, Water, Hype, Goodwill, Relaxation, Dreams, Rubber Glove, Cloth, Velvet, Rubber Duckie, Pillow, Cleo's Silk .

If your friends and Neighbours aren't sending you enough, you don't need to worry. All what you must to do is use an extra energy and work on Myr'ahj Peacock Bed and Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis. There you can obtain and gather almost all Ingredients that you need for finishing the quest.

Spawn Desert Devil and Scorpion Tips:
They are random spawns, they do not always appear. Any drops from these spawns are also random, sometimes you will get stuff, sometimes not. These drops only appear on your Main Property! In all cases, do not try to rely on just the spawns for collectible drops, they are just an addition to give some extra help.
You can read our How To Spawn More Garden Drops article if you are struggling to find them.

Wall feed Tips:
Any wall feed has a maximum of ten people to click it successfully. If a friend already clicked 15 of those in the past 24 hours, they can not click any more!

Do you know of any other tips to gain any of these Ingredients ? Let us know by leaving a Comment below or by simply visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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