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March 2013 HOTM Winners

It's hard to believe that it is already time to crown The Home of the Month winner for March 2013! The competition was tough and fierce this round and honestly, we had an extremely difficult time deciding on the top four homes and the winner of the coveted HOTM crown! The designs this month were truly the ‘best of the best’!  As you may have heard, the Fansite reaches well over a quarter of a million TSS fans from around the world making the HOTM competition the contest to win! 

We have painstakingly tabulated the results using our points system, a system which affords points based on the reader’s votes and the Fansite team’s favourites. The Fansite team assesses designs based on Style, Space, Design, Flow, Composition, Artistic Elements (texture, form, shape, colour, line and tone), Creativity, and Originality regardless of Sim Cash items, house value or use of expert stacking and design techniques. I am sure that you will agree with us that the creativity, innovation, artistry and talent just keep getting better and better! Some of the entrants even have their own Fan Pages to display their incredible work! The Sims Social home designs have really taken off!  

Without further ado, we are pleased to announce the top four home designs, the People’s Choice winner, and the winner of this month’s HOTM crown. 

In 5th place is the ‘Yuyuan Garden’ by Eyes Smith. This exceptional water themed composition is stunning and as we have mentioned before, we LOVE the boat! The boat epitomises creativity at its best. The boat really is pure genius and Eye’s masterful use of the railings and egg rolls to form the paddles, the Paramour flower lights and Utopia palm leaves to create the lily pads, and the use of the Shanghai bed to create a canopy on the boat is simply brilliant! A top notch design all around and a well-deserved spot in the Top 5 HOTM contest. 

Eyes Smith – Yuyuan Garden - 5th place

In 4th place is Leonardo Picciotti’s ‘Futuristic Living home design where contemporary art meets modern livingThe first thing that appealed to us is the artful use of the neon blue against the black drop back. This design really cries out for attention! Pop! We love how the rooms seem to levitate above the ground. Thankfully, Leonardo remembered to include steps! This is a ‘spot-on’ design in our opinion, don’t you agree?  

Leonardo Picciotti – Futuristic Living – 4th place

In 3rd place is Stephen23’s ‘Hello Kitty’ three-dimensional tile art-esque house. Hello Kitty is affectionately known as Kitty-chan (キティちゃん), and fans around the world will go gaga over and fall madly in love with this house! According to fan lore Kitty-chan is an excellent baker and especially adept at baking cookies. She also loves to collect cute things. Hello Kitty would surely want to add Stephen23’s design to her collection! This design is simply amazing, and although it is ‘cute’ it entailed a great deal of planning and expert stacking.  

Stephen23’s ‘Hello Kitty’ - 3rd place

Mikhail is a frequent flyer when it comes to entering and winning contests. This month Mikhail takes home 2nd place with his Bistre/Khaki home. Most of us would describe the colour palette of this home as Brown-beige, but not Mikhail, oh no, not our resident artist. Mikhail’s exquisite design relies on a beautiful juxtaposition of the colour Bistre (very dark grayish brown, with a yellowish cast) and Kjaki (Khaki) (a light shade of yellow-brown). This colour combination works amazingly well especially with the few red accents, or rather, of the ‘rufous’ accents. We LOVE this design for its sophistication and panache! 

Mikhail’s – Bistre/Khaki – 2nd place

Jo, featuring a design from the Ghetto, wins our first ever People’s Choice Award. Jo accumulated a whopping 999 likes from admirers from around the world.  Jo’s design is edgy and full of verve – and we love that!  When we first saw this design we all started singing the song, “In the Ghetto” in unison. Now it’s your turn to chime in and sing a few lines with us.

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin'
A poor little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries
Cause if there's one thing that she don't need
It's another hungry mouth to feed
In the ghetto
As her young man dies,
On a cold and gray Chicago mornin',
Another little baby child is born
In the ghetto
And his mama cries...

(Now try and get that song out of your head!). Joe’s sardonic recreation of SimGhetto is, without a doubt, one of our all-time favourite designs.

Jo’s – In the Ghetto- People’s Choice Award

The winner for this month’s contest is Lisa Hug’s “Victorian Age”. In addition to winning 250 Sim Cash, Lisa takes home the most coveted prize in the Sims Social Universe – the crown for the Home of the Month contest!!! Over a quarter of a million loyal Fansite members will enjoy seeing Lisa’s Victorian Age on the side bar and on the Fansite’s HOTM page. We think that  Lisa’s mint, fuchsia and green confection is absolutely divine and many of you think so too as evidenced by the designs 914 ‘likes’ her design received. We really need to have a word with the Face Book developers to get them to add a “love” button, as ‘like’ simply doesn’t cut it when it comes to these amazing designs. Lisa, congratulations – enjoy your SC and more importantly, your HOTM Crown.

Lisa Hug – The Victoria Age – 1st Place- HOTM Winner

What do you think? Do you love these as much as we do?   Are you going to create your own design and submit it to the HOTM contest?

You Could be Next ! Enter April’s HOTM Contest

Do you want a chance of being crowned the HOTM designer as well as winning 250 Sim Cash? We are accepting HOTM entries from now until April 30, 2013. The winner will be announced on May 12th. In addition to new designs we will be including all of the qualifying designs posted in March’s thread.

What you need to do to enter:
  • Set up an account for Sims Social Fansite Forum– it’s really simple – we promise.
  • Post a screen shot of your Sims Social Home on the new Sims Social Fansite Forum. (If you include a photoshopped entry please also include the same design without being photoshopped. Entries must be original and created by the entrant and cannot be copies of someone else’s designs. It is wonderful to be ‘inspired’ by someone else’s work, put please enter your own creative designs in the HOTM contest).
  • Post a link to your Face Book profile. (We need this to award your prize to you should you win. Please remember to include this as many past entries were disqualified because they failed to include this vital information).
  • Post a screen shot of a post to your profile wall showing that you have “shared” one of our Fansite postsNEW: Extra points (5) will be awarded if you also share the HOTM Fansite post. 
Enter for a chance to win:
  •          HOTM Crown – The most coveted award in the Sims universe plus 250 sim cash (this amount will  be increased as we increase participating rates in the contest – see random contest below).   
  •          People’s Choice Award – Huge bragging rights and your design posted on our HOTM page on our Fansite
  •          2nd Place – Bragging rights and your design posted on our HOTM page on our Fansite
  •          3rd Place– Bragging rights and your design posted on our HOTM page on our Fansite
  •          4th Place– Bragging rights and your design posted on our HOTM page on our Fansite
  •          5th Place– Bragging rights and your design posted on our HOTM page on our Fansite
  •          Random Draw – Feel like you haven’t had enough practice to compete with the heavyweights? No worries enter your design(s) for a chance to be chosen in our random draw. Although your design won’t appear on our Fansite, you stand a chance to win 150 SimCash! This amount will be increased as participant numbers increase. So come one, come all, enter your designs – the more the merrier and the more people participating, the more SC there will be to win! 
Entries will be judged using our point system where our Fansite team members will choose their top 10 entries. The top 10 entries will be posted on our Fansite Page from May 3rd to May 9th, 2013 to be voted on by you. The top four entries, Peoples Choice and winner will be determined through points gained from the number of ‘likes’ they receive from you as well as points afforded by our Fansite staff based on the designs Style, Space, Design, Flow, Composition, Artistic Elements (texture, form, shape, colour, line and tone), Creativity, and Originality regardless of Sim Cash items, house value or use of expert stacking and design techniques. The winner will be announced on May12th, 2013. Good luck!

That's right - this will continue to be the BIGGEST contest in Sims Social history!  To enter, simply register at our brand new and improved Sims Social FansiteForum and post your design(s) to the HOTM April 2013 thread. You may also want to post your 1) TileArt, 2) InspirationalHomes, 3) PlumbobsAround the World, 4) FanArt or 5) start your own topic in the forum.

So what are you waiting for? Enter your designs for a chance to win and to be profiled in: 
Please 'share' this post with your friends and neighbours and also chat with us via Twitter, Facebook, Forum or in our Chat Room.

Happy SimDesigning Everyone!


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