Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Myr’ahj Emerald Oasis Project Item

The Myr'ahj Peacock Bed and The Golden Legend may be the two secondary items that will be available to work through during the next Desert Dunes Theme in The Sims Social starting from tomorrow Thursday 11th April but the main and most important Project Item of the week is this Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis  as it's needed to complete the themed Quest.

The Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis Project Item will earn you 48 Simoleons profit when Inspired and has three stages to complete, so alongside the other items available it may be a little trickier than usual to get through them, but in return you'll be able to relax in style from the hot weather that is approaching the virtual world of Littlehaven.

You can find the full list of Ingredients needed in order to complete the Myr'ahj Emerald Oasis below:


Ouch! Best Remove The ThornsN/A
Just Say No To Weeds2x Goodwill, 2x Elbow Grease
No More Vine3x Garden Toolkit, 3x Rubber Glove, 3x Trowel, 4x Duster


Plant Some Trees N/A
Start To Dig 4x Garden Toolkit, 3x Ancient Sands, 3x Sand, 3x Goodwill
Look! There's Water!4x Water, 4x Hint, 3x Mayan Star Pattern, 4x Magnifying Glass
Fill It Up With Water3x Water, 4x Love, 4x Watering can, 5x Muse
You Need More Water!7x Ancient Sands, 5x Jewel of the Dunes, 8x Ancient Myth, 5x Sand


Plant Some Seeds5x Garden toolkit, 4x Trowel, 3x Duster
They Need To Be Watered4x Water, 5x Love, 4x Watering can, 6x Muse
It's Time To Go Green5x Ancient Sands, 6x Duster, 5x Ancient Myth, 5x Hype
Bring Out The Carpet7x Luxury, 5x Velvet, 6x Cloth, 6x Golden Thread
Need Some Tea?4x Relaxation, 7x Luxury, 5x Goodwill, 6x Deep Thought
Is That A Camel I See?7x Ancient Sands, 8x Hint, 7x Ancient Myth, 7x Shooting Star
Give The Camel A Seat9x Luxury, 9x Jewel of the Dunes, 8x Logic, 9x Dusty Letter

What do you make of this Oasis pool that will be available to build in The Sims Social from tomorrow? Does your Sim love a good item or pool to relax in? D you think you'll be able to work through everything in The Sims Social next week? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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