Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Myr’ahj Peacock Bed Project Item

It's time to reveal one of the Project Items associated with the upcoming Desert Dunes Theme which will drop into The Sims Social online Facebook game tomorrow on Thursday 11th April.

The Myr'ahj Peacock Bed will give you the opportunity to earn 46 Simoleons when Inspired via its top 'Color It Green And Gold' Mastery Level and will consist of two small stages. You can find the full list of Ingredients needed to fully build and complete this Myr'ahj Peacock Bed below:


Build The Base - N/A
You Need Some Design2x Hammer
Build The Headboard 3x Nails, 3x Screws, 4x Hammer
Feathers Of A Peacock 3x White Feather, 4x Ancient Sands, 4x Dreams, 3x Admiration
Lie On Me 5x Luxury, 6x Jewel of the Dunes, 5x Cleo's Silk, 6x Romance


Paint The Feathers4x Ancient Sands, 3x Paint, 3x Rubber Glove, 4x Goodwill
Pretty Blue Peacock5x Luxury, 5x Jewel of the Dunes, 5x Rubber Duckie, 6x Hype
Place The Bed Sheet6x Cloth, 7x Velvet, 6x Golden Thread, 5x Cleo's Silk
Lots And Lots Of Pillows7x Luxury, 6x Soft Pillow, 7x Romance, 8x Hype
Color It Green And Gold8x Gold leaf, 9x Jewel of the Dunes, 9x Cleo's Silk, 9x Woodwork

What do you make of this latest Bed that will be available to build in The Sims Social from tomorrow? Does your Sim love a good nights sleep in luxury? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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