Friday, 5 April 2013

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Pop Week Discounts & Deals

The Sims Social has not only dropped us tons of brand new disco and party items for our homes but we're been given a great selection of older items that suitably fit into the Pop Week collection.

With 30% off the below items were the first batch of premium SimCash items on sale until Monday:

Audikey PureTone Lazer Harp - 83 SimCash
Ultimax Top Deck - 39 SimCash
Drinkbot Tweeky - 150 SimCash

The Harp was added during Geek Week and is a Music Skill Item. The Hi-Fi is a simplistic and modern decoration and the Drinkbot Tweeky is a great item that can raise your Sims 'Hunger' and 'Social' need as well as roaming around and most importantly has the ability to clean your The Sims Social home and repair broken items, but it's still rather expensive even in this latest Sale!

Until the end of Pop Week you'll also be able to pick up the majority of New Years Party Theme items before they leave The Sims Social store forever. Don't miss them, plus they all go with the decor of the present poptastic theme this week.

The Sims Social have also just announced that three more old electronic items will be receiving a 50% off discount over the weekend which includes the Prance Prance Humiliation dance machines from Japan Week and the SimPhonic DJ Master Deck Music Skill Item. All great, unique items that should be owned by any modern and lively Simmers in Littlehaven.

There is also the AlmostFamous Shower which is a new item this week which has been reduced from 129 SimCash to 79 SimCash which honestly doesn't do enough for us to recommend it apart from its cool modern looks. Of course it raises your Sims 'Hygiene' need but its 'Shower Dance' interaction doesn't provide anything of substance to make the large SimCash price worth your while.

Have you picked up any of these deals? Do you own any of them already? What do you think about this latest The Sims Social sale? Let us know by either leaving a Comment below or by simply visiting our TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room


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