Thursday, 4 April 2013

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Pop Week Female Clothing

Welcome back fellow Simmers! This week's female clothing is unfortunately sadly lacking. Whilst the purple gown IS gorgeous, it doesn't seem to really fit into this week's theme well. We think the jacket that is available (bought with 850 Simoleons) says something more along the lines of "disco-era/1970's," than "Popstar." We're also not quite sure why a masquerade mask (available for 600 Simoleans)  is included this week. That seems quite out of place! Both the purple gown and the green gown are only available using SimCash.

We've seen a couple of interesting outfits put together by other Simmers who also were not pleased by this week's look. Some pulled out the ripped jeans, t-shirts & leather jackets paired with a wild hairstyle to give their Sim a more "heavy metal" look. We've also seen a couple of ladies pull other party dresses out of their storage to use instead. Once're only limited by your imagination on what to put together.

The picture to the right is another example of using accessories like last week's fairy wings paired with this week's purple gown. We changed the hairstyle to a more chic look and added a gold necklace to spice it up a bit. What other looks would you have added to this week's choices? What look did you come up with for your Sim? We'd love to see! Comment below or you can simply follow us on TwitterFacebookForum, or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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