Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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Sim-Pop Trampoline Pool Project Item

The Sims Social are introducing the second ever Swimming Pool into our favourite online Facebook game Pop Theme and this version has an added feature as it also turns out to be a Trampoline that you can bounce on before getting wet. Groovy!
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The Sim-Pop Trampoline Pool will be purple amongst most of the other Pop Week Items and has a rather heavy five stages to complete. Luckily, they only start to get difficult and Ingredients hungry after Stage 3 so it shouldn't be too much harder than the usual Project Items released via a new collection.

You can earn a huge 62 Simoleons profit from the Sim-Pop Trampoline Pool when it is fully built via its top 'You're All Done!' Mastery Level which makes it one of the most profitable items ever to be released into The Sims Social alongside it been pretty and rather fun. You can find the full list of Ingredients needed to complete the Sim-Pop Trampoline Pool below:


Get The Lay Of The Land N/A
It's Time to Dig1x Dreams
Cement It In!1x Muse


Plaster The Pool1x Elbow Grease
Two Drains For The WaterN/A
Need Filters For Fresh Water 1x Goodwill, 1x Power Drill


Build Your Stairs 3x Hammer, 3x Chisel
Jets Of Water4x Power Drill, 4x Lighting Components
Cover Up Your Drains4x Mosaic Tiles, 4x Elbow Grease, 2x Rubber Glove
Paint It Blue5x Dancing Shoes, 2x Black Granite, 2x Nails


Get Your Trampoline Frame Ready!2x Wrench, 1x Steel
Cover Up The Frame3x Ruler, 2x Dancing Shoes, 1x Hammer
Fix Your Trampoline Bed4x Lighting Components, 2x Power Drill, 3x Dancing Shoes
Lights, Please! 4x Black Granite, 6x Rubber Glove, 4x Relaxation
Add Some Jazz6x Goodwill, 6x Dancing Shoes, 6x Star Power


Different Lights For Different Trampolines! 6x Lighting Components, 6x Entertainment, 6x Dancing Shoes
Turn On The Lights! 6x Black Granite, 8x Bottle of Chlorine, 8x Dancing Shoes
Spot Lights On The Pool! 6x Water, 8x Dancing Shoes, 8x Lighting Components, 4x Entertainment
Fill Up The Pool 6x Dancing Shoes, 8x Star Power, 8x Buzz
Right Up To The Brim8x Water, 8x Hose, 8x Muse, 8x Culture
Add The Chlorine8x Water, 4x Pool Cleaner
Turn It On!5x Pool Cleaner, 9x Star Power, 8x Dancing Shoes
You're All Done!8x Star Power, 8x Peace

What do you make of this latest Swimming Pool that will be available to work on in The Sims Social from tomorrow? Does your Sim love a good bounce and a swim? Do the five stages seem a little excessive to you? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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