Monday, 1 April 2013

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Spell Week Female Clothing

Hi there fellow Simmers! This week in the female clothing line, we have some neat choices. There is still a predominant number of items available for Simcash though. We have "M'Lady's Armor," (which we think looks like your Sim is wearing her father's clothes as it's SO big and bulky) for 109 SimCash which is a lot considering how ill-fitted it is.

Then there are a set of pretty green or purple fairy wings each at the cost of 30 SimCash. The green wings match nicely with the green charmed dress available for 99 SimCash which we feel doesn't look too fairy-ish to us!  And lastly, there is a "M'Lady's Knight" outfit also available for 99 SimCash which looks more like it belonged back with the Medieval Theme we had a couple weeks ago! We do however like the fact that the non-SimCash choices this week can be purchased with Social Points instead of Simoleans as Playfish doesn't seem to offer us this often enough.

There are blue fairy wings for 1000 Social Points that match nicely with a blue "Charmed Witch" dress available for 7000 Social Points and whilst it doesn't look too "witchy" or "fairy-like," it's still a pretty combination and an affordable choice for those who don't or can't afford to buy premium SimCash.

If you do play with SimCash, try different combinations of the wings and dresses to see which one looks best on your Sim or simply completely change the look of your Sim for this week's collection!

What do you think about the choices for this week's collection? Would you add anything? We think it would've been cool if they perhaps added a couple dresses that are similar to what the character Talulah Wynona Witchhazel Von Twinklebottom has on! A sort of a Sorceress outfit. Tell us what you think by either leaving a Comment below or you can also follow us on TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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