Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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The Golden Legend Athletic Skill Item

If the two Project Items like the Myr'ahj Peacock Bed aren't enough to keep you busy throughout the new Desert Dunes Theme in The Sims Social online Facebook game next week then maybe, just maybe if you have a large amount of spare SimCash like the 169 SimCash you'll need to purchase they rare golden bird you will be able to raise your Athletic Skill Level by an additional +22 Levels.

The Golden Legend will no doubt be available at a discount for the duration of the latest collection but it'll still be above the 100 SimCash mark we imagine. The question is, are the +22 Athletic Skill Levels and the 49 Simoleons profit when Inspired enough to tempt you into getting rid of some premium The Sims Social currency?

You can find the full list of Ingredients needed to complete the expensive Golden Legend below:

Ready to Roc? - N/A
A Roc-y Start 1x Goodwill, 2x Muse
Between A Roc And A Hard Place2x Bling, 2x Idea, 2x Deep Thought
We Will Roc You!2x Bling, 3x Confidence, 2x Amplifier
Roc This Town4x Entertainment, 4x Fury, 4x Buzz
Raised On Roc3x Relaxation, 4x Love, 3x Dream Inspiration
Roc-N-Roll! 5x Culture, 5x Muse, 3x Groove
Roc You Like A Hurricane!5x Ancient Sands, 5x Buzz, 4x Jewel of the Dunes, 3x Fury
Roc On!5x Hype, 4x Culture, 4x Entertainment, 4x Idea
Be A Roc-Star!6x Ancient Sands, 7x Jewel of the Dunes, 6x Buzz, 6x Admiration

What do you make of this latest bird that will be available to work through in The Sims Social from tomorrow? Is it a little too expensive? Discuss your thoughts with us via the Comments section below or alternatively visit our FacebookForumChat Room or Twitter.


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