Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite | Ingredients & Craft Potions Spells Week

The greatest witch of all times, is in Littlehaven
and she' brings a whole brand new six 'Crafting Potions'
with a new Ingredients also.
It seems that The Sims Social developers are really
keen on pushing 'Crafting' within the online Facebook
game as they move forward as six new Craftable
Ingredients have been added to the Crafting section this week.
All of these brand new 'Crafts' will been needed to finish
the latest Quest, Spells Week this week.

                      New Craft Potions :

*Bat potion – Fury, Love, Muse
*Icarus potion – Admiration, Relaxation , Fairy Wish, Magic Petals
*Skeleton potion – Bliss, Fear , Alchemy, Rocks
*Breathe fire potion – Alchemy, Magic Petals, Passion, Fire
*Grow potion – Fairy Wishes, Alchemy, Magic Petals , Esteem
*Bobblehead potion – Bliss, Peace , Magic Petals , Alchemy.

Another two new Ingredients have been thrown into the mix of Ingredients that can be obtained, collected and gathered in The Sims Social online Facebook game for the Spells Week.

*Alchemy - Collect from Magic Caldron or Ask Friends.
*Magic Petals - Collect from Magic Vial or Ask Friends.

- Clear Magic Caldron in your yard for a chance of one to drop
- Wall Feed request

- Clear Magic Caldron in your yard for a chance of one to drop
- Wall Feed request 

- Clear Magic Caldron in your yard for a chance of one to drop
- Wall Feed request

                                 Potion Tips:
Fulfills Fun need.
Fulfills Social need.
Fulfills Sleep need.
Fulfills Hygiene need.
Fulfills Bladder need.
Fulfills Hunger need.

On this way you have better chance to obtain and collect required Ingredients by clearing Magic Caldron and Magic Vial in your yard.

Ingredients required for finishing the Spells Week Quest are :
Glass, Alchemy, Magic Petals, Entertainment,Fury, Love, Muse,Admiration , Relaxation, Fairy Wish,Bliss , Fear, Rocks, Passion , Fire, Esteem,Peace.

If your friends and Neighbours aren't sending you enough, you don't need to worry. All what you must to do is use an extra energy and picking up around your main house by clearing Magic Caldron and Magic Vials in your yard .There you can obtain and gather almost all ingredients that you need for finishing the quest.
We must also mention that sometimes you'll get and Energy from Magic Caldron.

                                     Wall feed warning:
Any wall feed has a maximum of 10 people to click it successfully. If a friend already clicked 15 of those in the past 24 hours, they cannot click any more!

Do you know any other tips to gain any of these Ingredients ? Let us know by leaving a Comment bellow or by simply visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone !


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