Sunday, 7 April 2013

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Pop Week Male Clothing

Pop Week is a week we have been eagerly anticipating but
the Men's clothing is a disappointment.

Unlike the last Spells Week, this time Simmers can't be satisfied with the collection which they have on offer in The Sims Social store as unfortunately, our male collection for this week consists of only one outfit, which is a pretty poor choice for our simmers unless you like bright in your face attire.

The colours of Sim-Pop Outfit are bright yellow jacket in combination with a blue shirt. If you use your imagination you can in combine it with the other offers in The Sims Social store to get a whole new and interesting look. The Price of Pop-Sim Outfit is pretty affordable to all and costs only 18,000 Simoleons.

We can not say that we are satisfied with the offer of this
weeks Pop Star Week male clothing. We are only satisfied with the choice of colours which is made to the men's clothing and with the quite reasonable price.

However, we are hoping that our new upcoming theme bring more choices for our Simmers, where the clothing is in question.

Male Clothing for Pop Week:
Sim-Pop Outfit -  18,000 Simoleons, Clothing Value 9000.

We would like to know your opinion about Male Clothes? Which do you like the most ? Are they your favourite colours? What will you buy for your Sims? What do you think about prices ? Let us know by leaving a Comment below or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!


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