Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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The Sims Social Fansite | Male Clothing | Desert Week

Dear Simmers,
The Sims Social Fansite was with you from the first day of launching The Sims Social Facebook online game, and we'll stay with you till the end.
The Sims Social Fansite has many great fans and Simmers, most of whom love to show off their The Sims Social creations and skills.
They are very creative, original, talented , clever in home designs & fashion. We, as The Sims Social Fansite are proud to have had the opportunity during the last years to be with you , and to see your creations.
This time the Male Clothing Article will be a bit different than usual.
The main posted picture which you can see, belongs to one of our "old" simmers - Stefan. :)
This is his creation with the brand new Desert Dreams Week Clothes Items. His sims is named William. You must admit that William really has style and pretty good taste for fashion.
William decided to only use Simoleons and Social Points this time. A combination of his favourite accessories, the "Prince Akram Green Suit" and "Prince Akram Green Turban" turned out like this - and we must say - he looks wonderful in this combination.

Male Clothing :

Alyas Crimson Suit, Clothing Value 8900, 89 SimCash

Alyas Azure Suit, Clothing Value 8900, 89 SimCash

Prince Akram Desert Pants, Clothing Value 1250, 2500 Simoleons 

Prince Akram Desert Shoes, Clothing Value 1700, 17 SimCash 

 Prince Akram Green Turban, Clothing Value 2000, 1000 Social Points 

Alyas Azure Turban, 20 SimCash

Alyas Crimson Turban, 20 SimCash 
Prince Akram Green Suit, Clothing Value 10000, 20000 Simoleons

Did you purchase anything? What is your Sim wearing around Littlehaven this week ? Let us know by either leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room.
Happy Simming !


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