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How you can collect & share items through Wall Posts

Have you ever been a bit irritated when you as Simmers haven't had some of the  Ingredients when a  new quest starts and you must to wait for help from your friends, sometimes 24 hours? Well, The Sims Social Fansite now offers you a way to keep your Backpack stocked up.

Here is the list of items which you can obtain and share with your friends through Wall Posts.
We are hoping that this Tips will help you .

Apple :
- 'Try to Beat Friend's Personal Best'  -  LifeLike Archery Range
- 'Friendly Target Practice' - LifeLike Archery Range
- All kinds of successfully built item
- Successfully expanded land
- Successfully 'Test New Perfume' - Elegance Perfume Table
- 'Owner of a Lonely Harp' - Golden Harp (Requires Mean Relationship)
- All 'Work & Wealth' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Time Travel' - Time Travel Pocketwatch (owner only)
- 'Play FIFA Games' - SimPhonic Media Center, (gives 2x Bling) (Costs no energy to owner)
- Ask Over a friend and 'Be the Dealer' - WiseFellas Casino Table (win or lose)
- 'Random Flag!' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Haiku Doin' - Haiku Ai Poet's Bench (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Shout Echo!' - MeadowShine Magic Well
- 'Play Speedy Games' on SimPhonic Media Center, (gives 2x Buzz) (Costs no energy to owner)
- 'Search for Cheese' - Mr Füd's Home Pantry
- 'Play for the Fairies' - Enchantrix Magic Double Bass (Costs no energy)
- 'Leap of Faith' - Tower of Faith
Cupid's Arrow:
- 'Romantic Dinner' - Paramour Dinner For Two (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Roulette' - WiseFellas Casino Table
- Ask Over a friend and 'Spin the Wheel' - WiseFellas Casino Table and win
- 'PlumBob' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Cause a Racket' - Ongaku Taiko Drum (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Wish For Love' - Cupid's Fountain of Love, (gives 2x Energy) (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Home is Where the Harp is' - Golden Harp, (gives 2x Energy)
- 'Kiss Test' > 'Passionate Kiss' - Lovebot Rosie, (gives 1x Energy) (Requires maximum level of 'Great Kisser' Trait)
- Ask Over a friend, click on your sims to 'Beckon Sim' & 'Play Chess' - Royal Marbles Chess Set, (gives 3 Energy) (Requires Friend status)
- Ask Over or Visit a friend & 'Bounce Together' - SubSiro Winter Gazebo, (gives 3x Energy)
- 'I Can Haz Cheese?' - Simful Dessert Table, (gives 2x Energy) (Pet must be out) (Costs no energy)
- 'Clear Weeds' - Sniffles O' Simrock (gives 3x Energy every 24 hours) (owner only)
- 'Blow Horn' - The Tower of Toot, (gives 3x Energy)
- 'Through the Looking Glass' - Wonderland Looking Glass, (gives 3x Energy)
Entertainment :
- 'Get your Funk On!' - any keyboard
- 'Dance Together' - any radio or stereo
- 'Skinny Dip' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool (Costs no energy)
- 'Skinny Dip Together' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Play Catch' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Diving' > 'Go for a PB' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool (Successful)
- 'Ride-Em' - Bucking Bronco (Owner only)
- 'Ride-Off' - Bucking Bronco
- 'Dance Together' - L. Simnovorii Cowplant
- 'Keyboard Cat' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Show Off Moves' - Karate Mat
- Wear Lady BlahBlah Hat, click on your sims and 'Make a Phone Call'
- 'Make Interesting Observation' - Lonely Mermaid Sculpture
- 'Make Interesting Observation Together' - Lonely Mermaid Sculpture
- 'Ice Skate' - My Ice Lake
- 'Ride for Fun' - Scidaddle City Scooter (Costs no energy)
- 'Prod Experimentally' - SupaHapiTime Pinata (Costs no energy if you use your own tree, not neighbour's)
- Ask Over a friend and do 'Belly Bumps!' - Tatsu Sumo Ring
- 'Sashay Together' - Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe
- 'Chop Off Finger' - Vegetable Guillotine (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Throw Flour' - Venutia Pizza Counter (Requires Mean Relationship)
- Successfully 'Show Off' - Witch's Broomstick
- 'Dance Together'- Wonderland Cowplant
- 'Hurl Lightning Bolt' - Zeus' Throne
- 'Show Off Lightning' - Zeus' Throne
Fashion Magazines:
- 'Share Makeover Tips' - ColleXion Dressing Room
Fiction Book:
- 'Tell Story' - Giant Book of the Riddles
- Wear Dark Wings and give 'Naughty Tickle'
- 'Light The Flame' - Noblesse Archery Ground
Fortune Cookie:
- 'Read Fortune...?' - Zhu ni Fortune Cookie Maker
- 'Super Smoothy' - Mr. Füd's Smooth Blendz Maker
Fuel Can:
- 'Maintenance' - 'Check Engine'
 'Place Fish' - any bed (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Place Spider' - any toilet (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Write Appreciation Note' - any typewriter (Need at least BFF status)
- 'List Flaws' - any typewriter (Need at least BFF status)
- 'Jolly Roger'- Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Troll Face' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Bawdy Bard' - Leopold's Lute
- Ask Over or Visit a friend & 'Croon Badly' - Limelight Mic Stand
- Wear Pie-Attack Hat and 'Hit!' neighbor
- 'Add Soap Powder to Water' - Plenty Falls Waterfall (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Mess Up Pieces' - Rimmer Boardgames (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Admire Self' - ColleXion Dressing Room
- 'Admire Self' - Unsinkable Dressing Table
Golden Marbles:
- 'British Eccentric Games' - Flagged-Up Pole GB edition
- 'Look Seductive' - Sea of Dreams Bed
- 'Play Great Music' - any guitar
- 'Serve Tapas' - stove
- 'Watch TV Together' - any TV
- 'Race Fish' - Aquatix Deluxe (win or lose)
- 'Slide Together' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Feed Birds' - Evergreen Bird House
- 'Stars and Stripes' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Stomp Berries with friend!' - Luck O'Simrock Brewery
- All 'Health' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Relax Together' - Plenty Falls Waterfall
- 'Open Carefully' - Treasure Chest
- 'Imitate Starfish' - LifeLike Rock Pool
- 'Imitate Starfish Together' - LifeLike Rock Pool
- 'Eating Competition' - Venutia Granita Machine
- 'Knock on Tiny Doors' - MeadowShine Fairy Tree
- 'Call Luigi' - Venutia Telephone Table
- 'Pretend to Spot UFO' - Constellation Dancer Telescope (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Purge Files' - PsstNet 3000 CPU (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Reply to Spam E-mails' - PsstNet 3000 CPU (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Collect' - Summore Printing Machine every 26 hours
- 'Print Money' - Summore Printing Machine
Joker Card:
- 'Playing Cards' at a friend's WiseFellas Casino Table
- Ask Over a friend & 'Spin the Wheel' - WiseFellas Casino Table and lose
Lemon Slice:
- 'Collect Donations' - Old Lenny's Lemonade Stand
- 'Give Lemonade' - Old Lenny's Lemonade Stand
- 'Play a Match' - Kochanski Chess Set and win
- Ask Over any neighbor and say 'Goodbye', (gives 2x Love)
- 'Massage' - any bathtub or hot tub (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any bathtub or hot tub (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Sneaky Woohoo' - any bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Massage' - any couch or gazebo
- Successfully 'Place Naughty Underwear' - any dresser (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Make Out' - any gazebo (Requires Romantic Personality)
- 'Woohoo' - any gazebo (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Perform Love Song' - any guitar or keyboard (successful or failure)
- 'Cheeky Quikie' - any shower (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any shower (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- Ask Over a friend and 'Declare Undying Love' - Amour Edition Typewriter
- 'Write a Love Letter' - Amour Edition Typewriter (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- Ask Over or Visit any neighbor and 'Wish For Love' - Angel of Love
- Successfully 'Scribble Naughty Note' -Anniversary Edition Writer's Desk
- 'Steamy Woohoo' - ArcSteam Automobile (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Heavenly Woohoo' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Heavenly Massage' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Sneaky Woohoo' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed
- 'Woohoo' - Blossom Combivan
- 'Polish' - British Eccentri Games Trophy every 6 hours
- 'Woohoo' - Changing Hut or Cabana
- 'Dance All Night' - Love Fairy Dust Dance Floor
- 'Love In The Air' - FlyAway Hot Air Balloon
- 'Hug Tree Together' - Gaia Spirit Tree
- 'Eat an Ice Cream' - Heart Brand Ice Cream Stand
- 'Swinging in Love' - Ivory Tower Tree House (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Sushi Master!' - Kurage Sushi Bar
- 'Attempt to Impress' - Kurage Sushi Bar
- 'Are We Compatible?' - Lovebot Rosie , (gives 2x Love)
- 'Sing the Sim Blues' - LimeLight Mic Stand
- All 'Relationship' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Woohoo' - Maze of Mystery
- 'Play with Feeling' - Old Faithful or Key-Note piano
- 'Dip Toes Together' - Plenty Falls Waterfall
-  'Frozen Woohoo' - Pola-Ice Igloo
- Wear Q-Pid's Bow and Arrow and 'Cupid's Arrows' a neighbor
- 'Drink Cocktails Together' - Re-Lux Premier Hammock
- 'Serenade'- RekTek Karaoke Machine, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Woohoo In The Willows' - Sapphire Lover's Cove
- 'Woohoo' - Shanghai Bath (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Play I'm Too Saxy' - Smoothie's Saxophone (owner only)
- 'Steamy Woohoo' - Spatacula SteamMe
- 'Romantic Remix' - Symphonic DJ Master Deck
- Make 'Cocktails for Two' - Vespertine Cocktail Bar
- 'Woohoo on the Beach' - Vespertine Cocktail Bar (Costs no energy)
- 'Tantalize' - Tempest Nights Double Bed, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Naughty Woohoo' - Tempest Nights Double Bed
- 'Admire' neighbor's The Perfect Sim
- 'Woohoo' - Tower of Faith
- 'Woohoo' - Unsinkable Love Boat
- 'Woohoo' - Venture Tent
- 'Paint Raunchy Portrait' - Venutia Fiore Painting
- Ask Over a friend and 'Sing An Ode To Love' - VicAges Harp
- Wear any winter clothing & give 'Winter Hugs' to neighbors
- 'Kiss' - Winter Mistletoe
- 'Woohoo' - Zen Garden )
- 'Zen Bath Together' - Zen Garden
- 'Add Me Plz' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Bounce' - LifeLike Inflatable Castle
- 'Imitate Starfish' - Lifelike Rock Pool
- 'Calm Mind' - Pit of Zen with neighbour
- 'Show Off Mad Pasta Skills' to a neighbor - Venutia Pasta Counter
- 'Repair Everything, Fairy!' - Magic Dust Bottle
Nutty Snack Bar :
- Successfully 'Serve Apple Pie'- G King Counter
- 'Paint Kabuki Picture' at a friend's Japanese Easel (No energy requires)
- 'Paint Silk Painting' at your romantic partner's Japanese Easel
- 'Paint Mean Manga Picture' at a Mean friend's Japanese Easel
- 'Flirt' - Drinkbot Tweeky
- 'Rockin' Romance' - MonAmour Swing
- 'Like What You See?' - StirrrMeLazy Tub
- Ask Over your romantic partner and 'Rock on It' - ValleyView Garden Bench
- 'Spread Marbles' - MrFitt's SimZum Mat (Requires Mean Relationship)
- Successfully 'Open Sesame' - Cave of Wonders Door
- Ask Over or Visit your date & 'Share Oyster Pizza' - Venutia Italian Oven
- 'Lounge Together' - any gazebo
- 'Relax Together' - any gazebo (Requires Mean Relationship or Awkward Friend status)
- 'Chillin Together' - any gazebo
- 'Magic Massage' - Royal Ball Fairy Spa
Shooting Star:
- 'Spy Neighbors' - Constellation Dancer Telescope
- Wear Angel Wings and give 'Divine Massage'
- 'Clean Everything, Fairy!' - Magic Dust Bottle
Sound Sample:
- Ask Over or Visit a friend then 'Croon Sweetly' - LimeLight Mic Stand
Trick and Treat:
- 'Scare' neighbor - Scarecrow
- 'On Guard' - Coates' Umbrella Stand (Requires Mean Relationship)
Water Bottle:
- 'Swim for Fun' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Spot for You' - Atlas HomeBody Gym

Do you have any other tips to gain some of Ingredients easily in The Sims Social ? Let us know by leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room.
Happy Simming everyone!


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