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The Sims Social Fansite - Bella on lie detector machine by Eileen Sofian Mushin Fine

We have a great Simmers !

One of them is Eileen Sofian Mushin Fine.

She fried our Bella with lie detector machine!
Can you guess what was the question ?!

What you think about this ?
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How you can collect & share items through Wall Posts

Have you ever been a bit irritated when you as Simmers haven't had some of the  Ingredients when a  new quest starts and you must to wait for help from your friends, sometimes 24 hours? Well, The Sims Social Fansite now offers you a way to keep your Backpack stocked up.

Here is the list of items which you can obtain and share with your friends through Wall Posts.
We are hoping that this Tips will help you .

Apple :
- 'Try to Beat Friend's Personal Best'  -  LifeLike Archery Range
- 'Friendly Target Practice' - LifeLike Archery Range
- All kinds of successfully built item
- Successfully expanded land
- Successfully 'Test New Perfume' - Elegance Perfume Table
- 'Owner of a Lonely Harp' - Golden Harp (Requires Mean Relationship)
- All 'Work & Wealth' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Time Travel' - Time Travel Pocketwatch (owner only)
- 'Play FIFA Games' - SimPhonic Media Center, (gives 2x Bling) (Costs no energy to owner)
- Ask Over a friend and 'Be the Dealer' - WiseFellas Casino Table (win or lose)
- 'Random Flag!' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Haiku Doin' - Haiku Ai Poet's Bench (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Shout Echo!' - MeadowShine Magic Well
- 'Play Speedy Games' on SimPhonic Media Center, (gives 2x Buzz) (Costs no energy to owner)
- 'Search for Cheese' - Mr Füd's Home Pantry
- 'Play for the Fairies' - Enchantrix Magic Double Bass (Costs no energy)
- 'Leap of Faith' - Tower of Faith
Cupid's Arrow:
- 'Romantic Dinner' - Paramour Dinner For Two (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Roulette' - WiseFellas Casino Table
- Ask Over a friend and 'Spin the Wheel' - WiseFellas Casino Table and win
- 'PlumBob' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Cause a Racket' - Ongaku Taiko Drum (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Wish For Love' - Cupid's Fountain of Love, (gives 2x Energy) (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Home is Where the Harp is' - Golden Harp, (gives 2x Energy)
- 'Kiss Test' > 'Passionate Kiss' - Lovebot Rosie, (gives 1x Energy) (Requires maximum level of 'Great Kisser' Trait)
- Ask Over a friend, click on your sims to 'Beckon Sim' & 'Play Chess' - Royal Marbles Chess Set, (gives 3 Energy) (Requires Friend status)
- Ask Over or Visit a friend & 'Bounce Together' - SubSiro Winter Gazebo, (gives 3x Energy)
- 'I Can Haz Cheese?' - Simful Dessert Table, (gives 2x Energy) (Pet must be out) (Costs no energy)
- 'Clear Weeds' - Sniffles O' Simrock (gives 3x Energy every 24 hours) (owner only)
- 'Blow Horn' - The Tower of Toot, (gives 3x Energy)
- 'Through the Looking Glass' - Wonderland Looking Glass, (gives 3x Energy)
Entertainment :
- 'Get your Funk On!' - any keyboard
- 'Dance Together' - any radio or stereo
- 'Skinny Dip' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool (Costs no energy)
- 'Skinny Dip Together' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Play Catch' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Diving' > 'Go for a PB' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool (Successful)
- 'Ride-Em' - Bucking Bronco (Owner only)
- 'Ride-Off' - Bucking Bronco
- 'Dance Together' - L. Simnovorii Cowplant
- 'Keyboard Cat' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Show Off Moves' - Karate Mat
- Wear Lady BlahBlah Hat, click on your sims and 'Make a Phone Call'
- 'Make Interesting Observation' - Lonely Mermaid Sculpture
- 'Make Interesting Observation Together' - Lonely Mermaid Sculpture
- 'Ice Skate' - My Ice Lake
- 'Ride for Fun' - Scidaddle City Scooter (Costs no energy)
- 'Prod Experimentally' - SupaHapiTime Pinata (Costs no energy if you use your own tree, not neighbour's)
- Ask Over a friend and do 'Belly Bumps!' - Tatsu Sumo Ring
- 'Sashay Together' - Tyler Blanks Reform Wardrobe
- 'Chop Off Finger' - Vegetable Guillotine (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Throw Flour' - Venutia Pizza Counter (Requires Mean Relationship)
- Successfully 'Show Off' - Witch's Broomstick
- 'Dance Together'- Wonderland Cowplant
- 'Hurl Lightning Bolt' - Zeus' Throne
- 'Show Off Lightning' - Zeus' Throne
Fashion Magazines:
- 'Share Makeover Tips' - ColleXion Dressing Room
Fiction Book:
- 'Tell Story' - Giant Book of the Riddles
- Wear Dark Wings and give 'Naughty Tickle'
- 'Light The Flame' - Noblesse Archery Ground
Fortune Cookie:
- 'Read Fortune...?' - Zhu ni Fortune Cookie Maker
- 'Super Smoothy' - Mr. Füd's Smooth Blendz Maker
Fuel Can:
- 'Maintenance' - 'Check Engine'
 'Place Fish' - any bed (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Place Spider' - any toilet (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Write Appreciation Note' - any typewriter (Need at least BFF status)
- 'List Flaws' - any typewriter (Need at least BFF status)
- 'Jolly Roger'- Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Troll Face' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Bawdy Bard' - Leopold's Lute
- Ask Over or Visit a friend & 'Croon Badly' - Limelight Mic Stand
- Wear Pie-Attack Hat and 'Hit!' neighbor
- 'Add Soap Powder to Water' - Plenty Falls Waterfall (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Mess Up Pieces' - Rimmer Boardgames (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Admire Self' - ColleXion Dressing Room
- 'Admire Self' - Unsinkable Dressing Table
Golden Marbles:
- 'British Eccentric Games' - Flagged-Up Pole GB edition
- 'Look Seductive' - Sea of Dreams Bed
- 'Play Great Music' - any guitar
- 'Serve Tapas' - stove
- 'Watch TV Together' - any TV
- 'Race Fish' - Aquatix Deluxe (win or lose)
- 'Slide Together' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Feed Birds' - Evergreen Bird House
- 'Stars and Stripes' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Stomp Berries with friend!' - Luck O'Simrock Brewery
- All 'Health' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Relax Together' - Plenty Falls Waterfall
- 'Open Carefully' - Treasure Chest
- 'Imitate Starfish' - LifeLike Rock Pool
- 'Imitate Starfish Together' - LifeLike Rock Pool
- 'Eating Competition' - Venutia Granita Machine
- 'Knock on Tiny Doors' - MeadowShine Fairy Tree
- 'Call Luigi' - Venutia Telephone Table
- 'Pretend to Spot UFO' - Constellation Dancer Telescope (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Purge Files' - PsstNet 3000 CPU (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Reply to Spam E-mails' - PsstNet 3000 CPU (Requires Mean Relationship)
- 'Collect' - Summore Printing Machine every 26 hours
- 'Print Money' - Summore Printing Machine
Joker Card:
- 'Playing Cards' at a friend's WiseFellas Casino Table
- Ask Over a friend & 'Spin the Wheel' - WiseFellas Casino Table and lose
Lemon Slice:
- 'Collect Donations' - Old Lenny's Lemonade Stand
- 'Give Lemonade' - Old Lenny's Lemonade Stand
- 'Play a Match' - Kochanski Chess Set and win
- Ask Over any neighbor and say 'Goodbye', (gives 2x Love)
- 'Massage' - any bathtub or hot tub (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any bathtub or hot tub (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Sneaky Woohoo' - any bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Massage' - any couch or gazebo
- Successfully 'Place Naughty Underwear' - any dresser (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Make Out' - any gazebo (Requires Romantic Personality)
- 'Woohoo' - any gazebo (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Perform Love Song' - any guitar or keyboard (successful or failure)
- 'Cheeky Quikie' - any shower (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Woohoo' - any shower (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- Ask Over a friend and 'Declare Undying Love' - Amour Edition Typewriter
- 'Write a Love Letter' - Amour Edition Typewriter (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- Ask Over or Visit any neighbor and 'Wish For Love' - Angel of Love
- Successfully 'Scribble Naughty Note' -Anniversary Edition Writer's Desk
- 'Steamy Woohoo' - ArcSteam Automobile (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Heavenly Woohoo' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Heavenly Massage' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Sneaky Woohoo' - Blissful Dreamer Double Bed
- 'Woohoo' - Blossom Combivan
- 'Polish' - British Eccentri Games Trophy every 6 hours
- 'Woohoo' - Changing Hut or Cabana
- 'Dance All Night' - Love Fairy Dust Dance Floor
- 'Love In The Air' - FlyAway Hot Air Balloon
- 'Hug Tree Together' - Gaia Spirit Tree
- 'Eat an Ice Cream' - Heart Brand Ice Cream Stand
- 'Swinging in Love' - Ivory Tower Tree House (Requires Romantic Relationship)
- 'Sushi Master!' - Kurage Sushi Bar
- 'Attempt to Impress' - Kurage Sushi Bar
- 'Are We Compatible?' - Lovebot Rosie , (gives 2x Love)
- 'Sing the Sim Blues' - LimeLight Mic Stand
- All 'Relationship' options - Magic Ball Medieval Edition
- 'Woohoo' - Maze of Mystery
- 'Play with Feeling' - Old Faithful or Key-Note piano
- 'Dip Toes Together' - Plenty Falls Waterfall
-  'Frozen Woohoo' - Pola-Ice Igloo
- Wear Q-Pid's Bow and Arrow and 'Cupid's Arrows' a neighbor
- 'Drink Cocktails Together' - Re-Lux Premier Hammock
- 'Serenade'- RekTek Karaoke Machine, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Woohoo In The Willows' - Sapphire Lover's Cove
- 'Woohoo' - Shanghai Bath (Requires Romantic or Naughty Relationship)
- 'Play I'm Too Saxy' - Smoothie's Saxophone (owner only)
- 'Steamy Woohoo' - Spatacula SteamMe
- 'Romantic Remix' - Symphonic DJ Master Deck
- Make 'Cocktails for Two' - Vespertine Cocktail Bar
- 'Woohoo on the Beach' - Vespertine Cocktail Bar (Costs no energy)
- 'Tantalize' - Tempest Nights Double Bed, (gives 2x Love)
- 'Naughty Woohoo' - Tempest Nights Double Bed
- 'Admire' neighbor's The Perfect Sim
- 'Woohoo' - Tower of Faith
- 'Woohoo' - Unsinkable Love Boat
- 'Woohoo' - Venture Tent
- 'Paint Raunchy Portrait' - Venutia Fiore Painting
- Ask Over a friend and 'Sing An Ode To Love' - VicAges Harp
- Wear any winter clothing & give 'Winter Hugs' to neighbors
- 'Kiss' - Winter Mistletoe
- 'Woohoo' - Zen Garden )
- 'Zen Bath Together' - Zen Garden
- 'Add Me Plz' - Flagged-Up Pole (Costs no energy)
- 'Bounce' - LifeLike Inflatable Castle
- 'Imitate Starfish' - Lifelike Rock Pool
- 'Calm Mind' - Pit of Zen with neighbour
- 'Show Off Mad Pasta Skills' to a neighbor - Venutia Pasta Counter
- 'Repair Everything, Fairy!' - Magic Dust Bottle
Nutty Snack Bar :
- Successfully 'Serve Apple Pie'- G King Counter
- 'Paint Kabuki Picture' at a friend's Japanese Easel (No energy requires)
- 'Paint Silk Painting' at your romantic partner's Japanese Easel
- 'Paint Mean Manga Picture' at a Mean friend's Japanese Easel
- 'Flirt' - Drinkbot Tweeky
- 'Rockin' Romance' - MonAmour Swing
- 'Like What You See?' - StirrrMeLazy Tub
- Ask Over your romantic partner and 'Rock on It' - ValleyView Garden Bench
- 'Spread Marbles' - MrFitt's SimZum Mat (Requires Mean Relationship)
- Successfully 'Open Sesame' - Cave of Wonders Door
- Ask Over or Visit your date & 'Share Oyster Pizza' - Venutia Italian Oven
- 'Lounge Together' - any gazebo
- 'Relax Together' - any gazebo (Requires Mean Relationship or Awkward Friend status)
- 'Chillin Together' - any gazebo
- 'Magic Massage' - Royal Ball Fairy Spa
Shooting Star:
- 'Spy Neighbors' - Constellation Dancer Telescope
- Wear Angel Wings and give 'Divine Massage'
- 'Clean Everything, Fairy!' - Magic Dust Bottle
Sound Sample:
- Ask Over or Visit a friend then 'Croon Sweetly' - LimeLight Mic Stand
Trick and Treat:
- 'Scare' neighbor - Scarecrow
- 'On Guard' - Coates' Umbrella Stand (Requires Mean Relationship)
Water Bottle:
- 'Swim for Fun' - Ataraxia Leisure Pool
- 'Spot for You' - Atlas HomeBody Gym

Do you have any other tips to gain some of Ingredients easily in The Sims Social ? Let us know by leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting our Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room.
Happy Simming everyone!

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fan Home: My Last Winter Street by: Katka Barcovska

Here is a home built by a fan...Thank you for sharing it with us Katka Barccovska!


Saturday, 27 April 2013

Female Clothing/ Addidas Brand

Hi again to all my fellow Simmers who have decided to hang in there with us! We DO appreciate it. here's what may be the last Female Clothing Line we see for the game. Initially I wasn't sure if there WAS a new line because of the changed quest as well as the news that the Toyota Prius Quest is sadly, our last one. Something told me I should look this morning when I went to respond to my requests and lo & we are!

Page 1 of New Clothes:

So as you can see...everything on this first page is bought with Simoleans. At some point, I must have already bought the first tshirt. But everything is a reasonable price. The purple sneakers are kind of cool and unique...

Page 2 of New Clothes:

With the exception of the pink tshirt, the rest of the selections on this page look more like something you'd find on residents at a retirement home! LOL! But hey~ at least they too are all paid for with Simoleans. We NEVER saw this many selections before for JUST simoleans so that's nice to have (a little late...)

Page 3 of New Clothes:

And lo & behold...! All this week's clothes can be purchased with just Simoleans! Maybe they got the hint that folks aren't stupid enough to spend more money on the game! I liked the miniskirt and the purple striped tank top. But for this week on my own personal Sim, I just went with the miniskirt, a pair of black leather boots from storage, as well as a top from storage. I don't like it when the game gives endorsements to other companies. I think too the dress on this page looks like a cocktail dress for a middle aged woman from the 70's!

So what do you think of this week's (and probably final) selection of clothes? What combinations did you come up with for your Sim? I WAS tempted to add a pair of fairy wings just to spice it up a bit & still may! Let us know what you think or post a picture of YOUR Sim for us to see. We'd love to see it!

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Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Sims Social Fansite | No more quests?!

No more quests ?!

It's official:

"Unfortunately there will be no new quests added
to the game starting this week
Sorry guys"

What you think about EA ?!
Share your thoughts with us and others readers by either leaving Comment bellow or by visiting our Facebook, Forum, Chat Room or Twitter.

Toyota Prius Quest

 Well folks...this is apparently the last quest we're getting from EA/Playfish! We're not sure why when the game isn't ending until June 14th! We were supposed to have a "Chocolate Theme" quest next, so we're confused by this quest being here instead. We also noticed that they are giving us 20 days to complete this one when it takes only MAYBE 3 minutes to finish! Believe us when we say we are as equally angry, sad and frustrated as all of you!!

 Well...since we promised to stay with you til the end, here's pics from this last quest. They put quite a bit of detail into the showroom, all things considered. And we're glad they didn't give us ANOTHER car as a prize! The woman in the pic. is the Saleswoman. In this all-to-brief quest you have to ask her for a free t-shirt, and read the pamphlets from the "Safety Information" stand in the back.

 The car with the have to "look inside." A box will open up that shows pics. of the interior of the car.

And finally you have to "Test Drive" the car parked outside the showroom (Our Sim is waiting inside...maybe for a new better quest! HAHA!).

This is a pic. of the prize for this week. It can also be bought in the store if you want more than one for your houses. We think it'll go well at the beach house! So anyway...that is the short of this week's quest & we guess, the last one! But trust that we'll continue bringing you whatever new things they may still put out. Who knows...something could change yet again.
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

FREE Beach Land Available!!

Hey everyone! Thanks to one of OUR Sim friends, we learned that can go to your beach house and "buy" land for free! Better hurry before they change their minds!

Houses of Bella/Where's Bella? Week

Good day to all our fellow Simmers! Here we are again at Bella's house for the "Where's Bella?" quest (which I'm sure because of the news that the game is ending makes many of you not care WHERE Bella is! LOL). But, as we promised we would continue til the's Bella's House for this week...

Starting form left to right...Bella's house seems to be a "mish-mosh" of items from several quests...Bella's bedroom kept the Peacock bed and fish tank from the Desert Week theme and that's it in there. Surprisingly simplified compared to normal. EA/Playfish DID add in a hallway to Bella's house which we don't remember seeing them do before. This adds a lot more space to her home.

Moving on to the living room, we're surprised to STILL see Psym there from the Popstar's a little odd since he just stands there looking lost and out of place! The rocking chair there is available only with SimCash (which we know folks at this point probably won't be buying) but it could be a way to use up what you DO have if have earned or bought Simcash previously. The other furniture is from previous quests. It seems startlingly bare. We would've maybe added other decorations to the room like a painting or two or maybe some flowers or something to liven it up more.  Moving into the den...the bookcase, desk and grandfather clock are new (whilst the bookcase is neat, it doesn't really fit in with the design of the other new items this week that all have a cherry finish to them). Both the clock and bookcase can be purchased with Simoleans and the desk is free. The bookcase is from a different quest but matches the decor nicely. We didn't care for the new wallpaper though as it looks more like newspaper stapled to the walls!

The bathroom is surprisingly stark as well. The only new item is the bathtub which is available for 150 Simoleans and has a nice antique feel to it. We like this look (the antique-cherry finish look which is reminiscent of the Victorian Era). But again...not much thought was put into using available decorations... Outside seems again, a bit of a mish-mosh of items We think we would have perhaps made room inside the house for many of them. There is a new dog house available in the store for 35 Simcash (but again, we think most players won't bother). There are also items included from the Desert Theme week. And yeah it's nice to see items from other past quests used, we think they should have maybe stuck with a theme instead of bouncing around with things that don't match.

So what do YOU think of Bella's House this week? What would you change or make different? Add or take away? Let us know! Or screenshot your houses to post on the site for us to see!
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How To Copy Wall-Post URL Before Posting

Here is a very simple solution whereby you can post a wall post more than once per day. On this way you do not need to wait 24 hours to post the next wall posts:

                                                Step 1.

*Right Click on the on the Feed you want to save 
 /highlighted blue

                                               Step 2.

*A lot of options should appear select “ Inspect Element”

                                              Step 3.

*When you do that this line should appear automatically 
highlighted “<div Class="unclickableMask"> </ div>. “ 
if not just look for it and select it.

                                             Step 4.

*Once you have the line selected right click on it and 
either click the "Delete Node", that should appear once 
you right clicked it or just hit delete on your keyboard.

                                           Step 5. 

*Now go back to your original Feed and you can now 
copy that link by right clicking on the feed post picture 
and selecting copy link address thereby saving you feed 
in case it cannot post.

                                          Step 6.

*In the event of wall post error just paste that link as 
your status and receive your items once clicked by others.

Note : This tip is to copy from wall-posts before posting on your wall, in case you get an error while posting or if you want to share it somewhere else!

We hope that this tip will keep your backpack well stocked!

Do you know any other tips ? Did this tip help you?
Let us know by leaving a Comment bellow or by simply visiting
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Happy Simming everyone !

The Sims Social Fansite | Chocolate Week Quest Guide

The Sims Social running a Brand New Quest! As we promised to our Simmers, we are staying with you till the end. The Sims Social Fansite represent to you a Brand New Quest, named by Chocolate Week, which will be available & starting  on the 25th April.
This is preview of the quest / The Sims Social can change the name of the Week or some steps of the quests.

Here are the Steps of the Chocolate Week Theme:

Stage 1
Visit Bella's house and ask her, 'What's The Matter?'
Ask Alan, 'What Happened?'
Buy the Vanilla Silk Paradise Bar from the shop and place it in your home.

Stage 2
Tell Vicky that, 'Its Just A Lover's Tiff'
Buy and build your Simful Chocolate Maker
'Sort Cocoa Beans' in the Simful Chocolate Maker.

Stage 3
Collect 3 Cocoa Beans.
Visit a Sim or Bella and tell them about, 'Ancient Chocolate Recipes!'
'Share Chocolate Recipes' with 3 friends.

Stage 4
Complete your MilkyWay Paradise Bar.
Invite over a Sim or Bella and, 'Show Off Chocolate Tricks'
Click on Vicky and 'Give Her Chocolates'.

Stage 5
Visit Bella and tell her, 'I know Dark Chocolate Secrets'.
Buy and build your Simful Chocolate Maker.
Watch The Carmella Show' on any Television.

Stage 6
Buy the Simful Cocoa Shop and place it in your home.
'Mix Cocoa Beans' in the Simful Chocolate Maker.
Visit a Sim or Bella and 'Share Chili Chocolate'.

Stage 7
Collect 3 Cocoa Beans.
Invite a Sim or Bella and have a,'Chocolate Fight!' with the Simful Chocolate Maker.
Complete your Simful Cocoa Shop.
Post chili chocolate feed and get 3 friends to click it !

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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Female Clothing/Where's Bella? Quest

Hi there everyone! as we already said, we're going to try to carry on until the end. So in keeping with THAT, here's this week's female clothing choices. We thought the hats are pretty goofy & weren't going to choose THOSE! The 2 choices available for Simoleans we thought were limiting. The blue shown on our Sim we thought was the nicest selection (the yellow one REALLY wasn't to our liking!). But that said...they really just look like normal clothes, so instead of being limited by this week's choices...why not go back into your clothing storage and put together something you haven't worn for while? We got the boots for our Sim from storage to jazz it up a bit. What do YOU think of this week's selections? Anything different you would choose for your Sim? Let us know!

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What look did you come up with for this week's collection? We'd love to see them! Take a screenshot and show us by either adding the picture in the Comments section below or alternatively you can also follow us on TwitterFacebookForum or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Sims Social Fansite | Male Clothing | Desert Week

Dear Simmers,
The Sims Social Fansite was with you from the first day of launching The Sims Social Facebook online game, and we'll stay with you till the end.
The Sims Social Fansite has many great fans and Simmers, most of whom love to show off their The Sims Social creations and skills.
They are very creative, original, talented , clever in home designs & fashion. We, as The Sims Social Fansite are proud to have had the opportunity during the last years to be with you , and to see your creations.
This time the Male Clothing Article will be a bit different than usual.
The main posted picture which you can see, belongs to one of our "old" simmers - Stefan. :)
This is his creation with the brand new Desert Dreams Week Clothes Items. His sims is named William. You must admit that William really has style and pretty good taste for fashion.
William decided to only use Simoleons and Social Points this time. A combination of his favourite accessories, the "Prince Akram Green Suit" and "Prince Akram Green Turban" turned out like this - and we must say - he looks wonderful in this combination.

Male Clothing :

Alyas Crimson Suit, Clothing Value 8900, 89 SimCash

Alyas Azure Suit, Clothing Value 8900, 89 SimCash

Prince Akram Desert Pants, Clothing Value 1250, 2500 Simoleons 

Prince Akram Desert Shoes, Clothing Value 1700, 17 SimCash 

 Prince Akram Green Turban, Clothing Value 2000, 1000 Social Points 

Alyas Azure Turban, 20 SimCash

Alyas Crimson Turban, 20 SimCash 
Prince Akram Green Suit, Clothing Value 10000, 20000 Simoleons

Did you purchase anything? What is your Sim wearing around Littlehaven this week ? Let us know by either leaving a Comment bellow or by visiting Twitter, Facebook, Forum or via our Chat Room.
Happy Simming !

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Sims Social Tile Art # 38

Hello to all you Tile Art fans out there! In keeping with this week's Desert Dunes Theme, (we do try our best to find creations that go with the current theme), This week's Tile Art is Wile E. Coyote! Yes, it is a little bit of a stretch, however Wile E. Coyote does live in the desert!

Wile E. was created by Stephen Yap. Did any of you watch the Road Runner cartoons when growing up? We did and always loved how Wile E. Coyote would never give up no matter that all his plans always failed in catching the Road Runner. We think it was always more about the chase anyhow! Do you remember how all his inventions and supplies always came from the ACME Corporation? You'd think he'd have learned to shop around after none of them ever seemed to work! 

Great job capturing his likeness Stephen! Keep up the excellent work! Have any of you experimented with creating Tile Art yet? Take a look at the pictures & see if you can figure out how they're done and maybe make your own creations! We'd love to see them! 

If you have a Tile Art creation you'd like to share with the world, then upload it to our brand new redesigned The Sims Social Fansite Forum under the 'Artists Studio' section and it could feature here in the coming weeks. Also. take a look at the Home of the Month entries and see if maybe you'd like to try your hand at those! You can follow us on  FacebookTwitterChat or you can alternatively leave a Comment below Either way! Happy Simming everyone!

The Sims Social Is Closing Down

You will have probably heard on the grapevine that The Sims Social online Facebook game is closing down, unfortunately this sad news is true as on June 14th 2013 the gates to the virtual community of Littlehaven will close forever.

This sad news comes off the back of EA making over 250 job cuts and reshuffling their prioritise regarding online and social games moving forward, which unfortunately leaves Playfish, the developers of The Sims Social and SimCity Social in an unlucky position as these job cuts seems to have hit them hard.

The Sims Social opened on 18th October 2011 and has had a healthy and popular lifespan for a couple of years but on 14th June 2013 the servers will be turned off and the game will be unable to be played.

Playfish stated 'The decision to retire older EA games is never an easy one to make but in order to re-allocate servers and resources to more popular titles we are removing The Sims Social from Facebook. Players who still have a balance of in-game currency are encouraged to spend it before the game is shut down on 14th June and is no longer available for play.' 

We here at The Sims Social Fansite have been live and the number one source of information and news for The Sims Social ever since the first day the virtual life simulator was announced at E3 in 2011 and we will continue to serve the game for news up until the day its officially closes, so we hope you will continue to come here for your daily gossip on our favourite online Facebook game of all time.

In the coming weeks and months up until the termination of The Sims Social we will be taking a look back at some of the the high points of the game with features regarding 'The best items of all time', 'The best houses of all time', 'The most famous and valuable community members', 'The best themes of all time', 'The rarest items ever to be released' plus stories and letters from players about their fun times playing The Sims Social.

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Houses of Bella | Desert Dunes Week

A huge hello to all our fellow Simmers out there! Well, well, well! Bella has dressed her house to the "Nine's" this week and we must say that we really love the look!

A lot of thought has been put into the decorating and it all blends together superbly! Starting with the kitchen/living room area, while we were disappointed with the available choices to be bought with Simoleans or Social Points (these choices are from the past Arabian Nights Theme. All the new selections are only available with SimCash) they do match this week's collection.

The white walls are reminiscent of an Emporer's palace whilst the tables and fridge are from the Arabian Nights Theme, but the sofa is new and can be purchased for 52 SimCash.

Moving into Bella's bedroom, we see the new Myr'ahj Peacock Bed which is a part of this week's Feels Like Home Quest. The bed is really pretty so we may just leave it at our main house for now! The new wallpaper is available for 100 Simoleans which is pretty and nice to have for a new item which is affordable! The stained glass window is gorgeous and also new but can only be bought with 19 premium SimCash. We find it interesting that the items from the Arabian Nights Theme that we've seen before are "On Sale" and if you still have the tables, chairs, and dressers from that collection then it shouldn't have to cost a fortune to decorate for this week. Check your Storage!

Moving into the bathroom, the sink is new and can be purchased for 20 SimCash. The bath tub was from the past visit to this theme and may still be in your storage as well. We love the decorative curtained doorways, however the white ones that are shaped are available for 3040 Simoleans each, which isn't too bad. We also love The Golden Legend parrot, but it's a little big and out of proportion to our Sims and is also only bought for 85 SimCash which is a hell of a lot in our opinion, but you can of course gain some additional Athletic Skill levels from it.

The only odd thing that seems out of place this week at Bella's house is the sound system on the outside of the house on the kitchen side. This seems really out of place and it's also strange that Psym is still standing there as he was from last week's Pop Week theme! Overall, Bella's house is well thought out and even though many of us cannot afford the new items, you can still put together at least a room or two of furniture from past collections that will still display the look and design for this week. Well done Playfish!

So what do you think of Bella's house this week? Anything you would add, change or remove? Show us what you've done with your Sim's house using this week's items. Take a screenshot and post it to our Forum. We'd love to see it! Or you can alternatively follow us on Facebook, Twitter or via our Chat Room. Happy Simming everyone!